Amazing work, great detail attention and customer service! You guys are just amazing!



My fiancee messed up her left side bad, from a standing yellow post (lol). When we got it back, it looked like we got the G6 off the lot again. This place knows what they're doing!

-- KB

The customer service here is the best I have ever had. They were willing to work with me. I took my car in for an estimate on Friday, I was able to bring it in the next Monday morning and it was done by the following Friday morning. The people are great, the service was great! I hope I am not in an accident again, but if I was this is definitely who I would take my vehicle to!!! You really can't go wrong when working with awesome people who genuinely care about the customer. Each time I was in the shop I had a long conversation with each of the guys unrelated to my vehicle. Can't beat those kinds of customer service skills!!!   


Ross and Crew,
Thank you for helping us out and doing a great job!

Hi, Gary,
We thank you so much for taking care of my "mishap!" It looks great! We wish you and your family a happy holiday season. Again, thanks!!

Looks great!

Very professional job. Very happy. Thank you!
-- Dale 


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